With the entry into effect on the 1st of January  2004, the German law on modernisation of the statutory health insurance established physicians, psychotherapists and medical care centers are obliged to establish internal quality management. The concrete design and configuration is the duty of the Gemeinsamen Bundesamt (G-BA)

In January 2006 the “Qualitätsmanagement-Richtlinie vertragsärztliche Versorgung” through the G-BA had its entry into effect. It set the requirements for clinic internal quality management and specifies the time frame. According to §7 of the directive associations of office-based doctors have to set commissions into place which control and document the introduction and development of new clinics on an annual basis and report to the G-BA. If the implementation status does not meet the requirements of the directive set for that specific phase the clinics will be consulted by the commissions. No financial penalties are foreseen at present. Quality management implementation is binding, whereas certification is not.

What is quality management?

During the certification the clinic is visited by an external auditor annually who examines the operational processes and recertifies the clinic. This external controlling ensures that the quality management keeps its high standards. Dr. Brandenburg's clinic is one of the first in Schleswig Holstein that has dealt with this topic.

Quality standards:

Success in the 'desire to have children therapy' is due to professionalism, as well as a quality management system. We certificated the clinic in 2007 according to DIN ISO 9001 to ensure that our patients can expect consistently high standards. This is the only way to ensure higher pregnancy rates through ongoing improvements.
In October 2010 and 2013 we fulfilled all requirements in the recertification according to DIN ISO: 9001-2008.