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Already in medical school (Freie Universität Berlin, 1991-1998) Dr. Carstensen was particularly interested in embryology and factors influencing it such as hormones and medication.

Taking part in the Biomedical Science Exchange Program she spent an academic year (1996-1997) at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia where she had her very first experiences in research and clinic in the field reproductive medicine with Dr. Craig Winkel, MD and Dr. Devendra Kochhar, PhD.

She did her residency training and fellowship at the Universitätsfrauenklinik Kiel.

Already in 1999 she started working with Dr. K. Brandenburg and Prof. L. Mettler during her residency in the department of Reproductive medicine.
Prior to joining Kinderwunsch Kiel in 2009, Dr. Carstensen worked as Chief Resident at the university hospital from 2007.

She is a mother of two boys.

After finishing medical school Dr. Brandenburg was trained at the Women’s hospital of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel.

Here he had the opportunity to worked with the two pioneers of minimally invasive surgery (pelviscopy) and assisted reproduction, Prof. Dr. Kurt Semm and Prof. Dr. Liselotte Mettler. Under the direction of Prof. Mettler, Germany’s second test-tube baby was born in as early as 1982.

Dr. Brandenburg obtained his Doctor`s degree with Prof. Mettler with a thesis on minimally invasive surgery of the uterus myomatosus.
Since the mid-nineties he was operating head of the Department of Gynecological endocrinology and Reproductive medicine.

In 2000 he began to work in his own practice and became very well established in the community. In 2002 he founded the first private fertility clinic (Fertility Center Kiel) in Schleswig-Holstein.

Dr. Brandenburg is Schleswig-Holstein’s leading doctor in terms of the number of born children after IVF therapy.

Dr. Schem did her training in Rendsburg (Imland Klinik) and Kiel (Universitätsfrauenklinik in Kiel) after her graduation from medical school in 2003. There in the university hospital she gained her first experience in the treatment of fertility patients.

From 2014 she continued her fellowship in Reproductive medicine with Dr. Carstensen and Dr. Brandenburg.

Dr. Schem is a mother of two boys and a girl.


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